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for Fowler's Physics Applets

Major Physics Repositories

Physics applets at JARS
JARS is the Java Applet Rating Service. Reviewers give a general idea of the quality of the applet.
TipTop's Virtual Lab
TipTop is a major site for all things Physics. The Virtual Lab has a laundry list of Applets. If you are advertising a physics applet, be sure to post it here because physics teachers looking for physics materials seem to go here first.
Physics applets at Gamelan now seems to be the number one site for Java applets. (Submissions by Andrew Dolgert)
JavaCats is a joint US/Japan site with a nice layout. It looked like it might grow.
The Java Repository (Germany)
This looked like a major international site.

In the first nine days these applets were on the web, 1209 hits came from Tiptop, 204 from, 64 from JARS, 42 from Javacats, and 7 from the Java Repository with 1032 sources not reported. I counted it using the referrer tag in the web logs which some browsers don't set.

Where applets are submitted

These are notes for us to maintain links to the applets.

2D Collisions
Newton's Cannon
Brownian Motion